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eBook Soap Making with a Blender

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eBook Soap Making with a Blender

70 pages eBook with 60 soap recipes

Hand made soap does more than just clean.

My Nana will tell you; Lye soap has been around for quite a while for one major reason; it's simple and it works.

When properly made it has some wonderful characteristics.

Save your skin and your money!



Glycerin draws moisture to the skin, soothing and lubricating it's cells. Most soap sold in stores has had it's glycerin removed and sold back to the consumer in other skin care products.

Also, most store soaps are actually petrochemical-based detergents, which are good cleansers but are harsh on the skin.

The process that the home soap-maker will use is referred to as "cold process soap-making". Even though it is called a cold process, heat is required for the chain reaction to take place.

This heat is provided by the chain reaction of the water and the lye and their incorporation into the oil or fat. (You will notice that when the lye is poured into the water it heats up immediately)

Stirring the oil/fat/lye mixture helps this process to continue and to be uniform.

Making Soap using a Blender

Although using a blender does not allow for big batches of soap, it has five major advantages:

1) Blending your soap mix makes for a much shorter time to the thin trace stage. Instead of 15 - 40 minutes, it might require only minutes or even seconds.

2) Since liquid fat and oils can be used at room temperature, no thermometers are required. For solid fats simply heat them until they are melted.

3) The blender effectively whips the lye water into the fats producing a much smoother mixture so the chances of your mix separating are greatly reduced.

4) Your soap bars will be creamier in consistancy and should float due to the air that is whipped into the solution.

5) We have very little manipulation with the lye, the soap is made safely in the blender jar.


eBook Soap Making with a Blender

70 pages eBook Table of content

  • Introduction to Soap Making

  • How Soap is Made

  • How Soap Cleans

  • Safely working with lye

  • About Soap making Ingredients

  • Soap making Oils and their Characteristics

  • About hard oils and soft oils

  • Soap making Oil list

  • Soap making Additives

  • Soap Additive list

  • Scenting Oils

  • Essential oils

  • Essential oil Blend suggestions

  • Herbs and spices for coloring

  • Other Soap Colourants

  • Soap colorant -Mineral pigments.

  • Soap Molds

  • Cautions with lye

  • What you will need

  • Making Soap in a Blender

  • Soap making Instructions

  • 60 soap recipes

  • Simple Vegetable Soap Recipes

  • Castile Type Soaps (lots of Olive Oil)

  • Rich Body Soap Recipes

  • Rich Facial Soap Recipes

  • Baby and sensitive skin Soap Recipes

  • Speciality Soap Recipes

  • Fragrant Soap Recipes

  • Simple Animal fat Soap Recipes

  • Soap Troubleshooting Chart

  • The Hand Re-batch Method

  • Commercial guidelines and regulations, INCI sites


What you will need

(almost everything you will need can be found at your local Grocery Store)

-Pair of safety goggles and a long sleeve shirt or coveralls.
-Pair of dish washing gloves.
-3 x Pyrex type pitchers (dishwasher safe). One for water, one for lye, one for fragrance blend.
-Sturdy plastic stirring spoons, one for oils, one for lye/water mix, one for fragrance blend.
-Old blanket, preferably wool. (For insulating molds after pouring)
-Kitchen food scale or postal scale.



By using this simple step-by-step plan, you will feel empowered with cosmetic self-knowledge that will enable you to always make the right decisions on skincare choices for yourself!   

This e-book was written by Marlene Daniels

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Save your skin! Save your money! Save your environment! Save now! Save later!

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