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Soapconscious offers healthier alternatives than the cosmetic industry, by teaching how to make quick and easy high-quality earthy skincare plant preparations and mineral makeup blends with REAL NATURAL recipes that do not break the bank.


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Save your skin and your Money! Save now! Save later!

Learn to make your own natural Skincare and Makeup from scratch!

* New to Cosmetic Making?

  • We have Workshops in Sydney. Make your products with Marlene
  • Not in Sydney! We have easy Makeup and Skincare Starter Kits for you to make at home!

* Already Making your Own Cosmetics and Looking for Cosmetic Techniques, Blends, Formulas, and Recipes? We have so many e-Book Beauty Recipes Compiled by a Naturopath-Beautician that are guaranteed to inspire you!

  • e-Books; Mineral Make Up Recipes. Lip-sticks, Eyeshadows, Foundations; Hundreds of Make Up Easy Recipes to make your own 100% pure makeup, good for your skin!

  • e-Books; Skin Care Recipes. Moisturisers, Shampoos, Soaps, Toothpaste, Perfumes; With hundreds of recipes these e-Books, you can make safe skin care products, for you,  your family and friends. The raw ingredients are common, easy to find and not expensive, the recipes are fun and easy and will have your skin looking healthy and radiant naturally in no time!

For Children, Men and Women, all skin types, ages and colours.



Why, why, why.... Home-Made Natural Skincare and Makeup is Better?


  • Natural cosmetics are derived from nature. Herbs and plants have the ability to cleanse and heal. Don't you love to use nothing but the finest quality plant skin care on your body?

  • We are living in a fast paced environment which is full of stress, pollutant, unhealthy foods. Do you have sensitive skin, skin allergies or skin problems?

  • More and more people have ADH, skin allergies, cancer and other health issues because of the chemical products that we have been used right from birth until now. Are you interested in knowing what you are applying to your skin?

  • Natural products are not only safer they also produce superior results. Many people have reactions to artificial ingredients which offset any positive effects of the products. Conditions like acne or rosacea can be helped by using natural products. Did you tried everything, nothing worked!

After using our natural skincare recipes, 94% of our clients agreed the look and feel of their skin were transformed. Their skin was softer, smoother and more supple at a fraction of the price of commercial products.


Why should I make my own makeup and skin care?

Because it takes 5 minutes to make a moisturiser, the same with making a lipstick ! The only way to be totally sure of what you put on your skin is to make your own!


Large cosmetics companies are corporations that are designed to generate profit. Your skin's health is not their concern. The bottom line of these corporations is profit. L'Oreal, Clairol, Maybelline, the Body shops belong to Nestle!

Today cosmetics, perfumes, and skin care products constitute multimillion dollar industries, presenting a staggering array of choices to confuse the customer. Much of it is full of synthetic chemicals, mineral oils, preservatives, artificial fragrances and other junk food for the skin. This is due to the fact that mass-produced cosmetics need to be relatively sterile in order to extend their otherwise short-lived shelf-life

Just as there are healthy and unhealthy foods, the same applies to skincare products.

The best natural cosmetics are home-made, using high-quality vegetable oils, such as coconut, avocado or almond oils, in combination with organic flower waters (hydrosols) and essential oils. They should always be produced in small batches to ensure freshness and purity.

Making home-made make-up and skin care, tailored exactly to your needs is fun, and not all difficult.

Natural cosmetics cost much more than cheap synthetic fillers and dyes.


 Demystify the skincare industry by making your own luxurious cosmetic products at a fraction of commercial prices.


  • Natural skincare provides quality, purity, and performance without chemicals. There is no need to add harmful chemicals to achieve a shelf live of several years!

  • Handmade skincare is free from artificial perfume, colour and preservative making it ideal for even some of the most sensitive skin

  • Handmade skin care is so good, it is good enough to eat! Your skin has pores that not only produce oil and sweat; they also take in chemicals as well.  Even if it’s only a small amount, why take a chance by putting dangerous chemicals on your skin when there are quality natural product alternatives?

Make your own natural cosmetics with botanical preparations with the help of a qualified  freelance herbalist, beautician, and naturopath.

      We are not selling finished products.

Soapconscious doesn't sell finished products, The photos show what your products will look like after you make them. We prefer to leave the fun parts up to you! 

Handmade by you! Not a lot's handmade these days!

Learn to use the ingredients, right for your skin type and discover how tailor your skin product recipes to your specific needs.

Learn about premium, all-natural ingredients are used including floral waters, vegetable oils, beeswax, shea butter, cocoa butter, clays, essential oils and so many more!

The ingredients recommended are all natural and herbal. They have been chosen both for their therapeutic properties as well as their availability. 


After years of collecting my favourite recipes, I feel I can pass on information that will not only save you time but also to save you from annoying trial-and-error procedures.

My Nana Rose could tell you, nature has a wonderful way of offering simple solutions to seemingly complex problems. Designer beauty industry ads try to convince us that only patented, scientifically formulated products and unpronounceable ingredients offer salvation for troubled skin while effective and inexpensive alternative wait in your very own kitchen cupboard.

When you will have the skills to make your own cosmetics, you will never look back!

SoapConscious is specialised in Teaching Natural Skincare and Makeup, be confident to find here practical and useful information.  

  Be Soap Conscious!

Most of the skin care are actually petrochemically based detergents which are harsh on the skin, damaging the skin 's natural layer of protectives oils, the sebum, leaving it dried and more open to infection.

What causes sensitive skin?

Environmental factors such as stress, pollution, cold weather, drying winds and summer sun, as well as heating and air conditioning and the quality of tap water can intensify the drying and the ageing of our skin. The repetition days after days of the use of soap with strong chemicals and detergents may result in skin problems or even skin allergies.

Why consider  making natural skin care?

When we consider the vast array of cosmetic products available in supermarkets and stored in our homes, It is easy to see that we are living in an environment saturated by harsh and potentially damaging chemicals.

Some known environment impacts include:

  • Pollution to air and waterways (via waste water system) from no- biodegradable synthetic chemicals. The possibility of substances leading to gene/cell changes, cancer and interference with reproductive processes in organisms. 
  • Bio-accumulation of toxic chemicals in fatty tissues leading to Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), resulting with allergies and skin conditions and Resistance of ‘superbugs’

The easiest way to know which chemicals you are using on your skin is to choose natural ingredients and are safe enough to eat.


Why do I do this?  

A few reasons.

  • When I see big name cosmetics that have 2 cents worth of ingredients for $50- $60 and even hundreds of dollars. I get mad!

  • When I see big name cosmetics selling hope, instead of ingredients and misleading the consumers. I get mad!

  • When I see products for bee stings for $17 and realize they were trying to sell me some common household ammonia. I get mad!

  • When I see all the harmful chemicals, preservatives, colorant and fragrances, used in cosmetics and even used in baby products. I get mad!

  • When I see petrol-chemical cosmetics using oils made of animals dead millions of years ago, instead of fresh vegetable oil. I get mad!

  • When I see resources used, waste and pollution created through marketing, manufacturing, packaging and distribution processes. I get mad!

  • When I see pollution to air and waterways via water system from non-biodegradable synthetic chemicals. I get mad!

  • When I see bioaccumulation of toxic chemicals in fatty tissues leading to sick building syndrome, allergies and skin conditions. I get mad!

The skin is the largest organ of our body - a barrier between us and the "outside", and our first line of defense against pollution, chemicals, and the germs and dirt of everyday life.

Our skin is also a delicate filtering system, allowing substances to enter our bodies and even our bloodstream (as an example, think of the many medications that are administered through the skin), and helps us eliminate toxins from our systems.

Many of us have dry skin, and most lotions, salves, and oils contain high percentages of mineral oil or other petroleum products.

Unfortunately, mineral oil does not absorb well into the skin, and clogs pores and makes it difficult our skin to eliminate toxins.Mineral oil is also a non-renewable resource; it is a by-product of the distillation of gasoline from crude oil. Given these facts, it's preferable to use natural vegetable oils as the base ingredient in natural lotions, salves, and moisturizing oils.

Many products also contain colorants, fillers, and fragrances that unfortunately do little except irritate sensitive, delicate skin.Synthetic fragrances and synthetic ingredients can also exacerbate eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, acne and allergies.

Learn to make the finest quality plant home made preparations with only pure ingredients. Simply natural and beautiful!


Since ancient times fragrances from herbs and flowers have been thought to benefit the body, mind and emotions. Old manuscripts tell us that they were ingredients used in charms and ceremonies, as well as in remedies, cosmetics, and food.

The ingredients used in herbal skin creams have long hiss of medicinal use.

  • In the Middle Ages, in particular, monks cultivated herbs and discovered many of their restorative properties, carefully blending them into liqueurs to be administered to patients. Peppermint and anise oils are just two examples.

  • Until the First World War, lavender was used as a wound disinfectant.

  • Cleopatra is said to have used aloe vera gel to perpetuate her youth, and Alexander the Great used it to heal the wounds of his sol­diers.

  • Rosemary stimulates blood flow and was once burned to kill germs in  French hospitals.

  • Rose water has been used for centuries as an ingredient gentle, cleansing eyewashes.

  • Rose-scented geraniums were used through Europe in ointments and poultices.

  • Chamomile and calendula have been used to ease pain and swelling.

Herbal skin creams can go a long way towards healing, moisturising and protecting dry skin.

Soapconscious offers hundreds of recipes containing natural ingredients that soften and smooth the skin, such as beeswax and vegetable oils, herbs and essential oils.


  "The Story of Cosmetics" is a 8 minutes video certainly worth watching! Want to know more? Click on the picture of Annie Leonard to watch it now.


Do You Read Skincare Labels?

  • The first ingredient of any product is what makes up the majority of that product. For example; the first ingredient of your cleanser and moisturizer is water, the majority of your cosmetics nothing but water.

  • Let's say you paid $100 your moisturiser made of 80% of water, you actually paid $80 for 50ml of water!

  • To get the appellation of “anti-wrinkles” cream, some night moisturisers can contain sunscreen,(usually titanium dioxide or Zinc dioxide). Why use sunscreen at night?

  • To claim about effecting and penetrating the skin, cosmetics must have printed numbers on their labels, it means they have a license and have been animal tested. Cosmetics with no printed number, do not have a license and can not claim about effecting or penetrating the skin.

  • Read the small print. The media is trying to impress you and be aware the claims of the products can be misleading because the law is on your side, they should claim only right information and you will find them in tiny print on the side of the advertised picture or the packaging.


  What they said:

"I did your baby spa course in August and thoroughly enjoyed it. My friend and I have made some soaps and shower gels and moisturizers and things. I'm currently getting ingredients together to make some Christmas presents for family and friends." Claire

"A little about myself and my goals. My professional background up until now has been mostly in party-plan sales and I wanted to start my own business based around this. Giving Mums, like me, a chance at having a career whilst still having time for their children. I have been experimenting with your products, there are not enough hours in the day to do all I want to do sometimes! I made my first emulsion - I wanted to make a hand cream for my mum so I gave it a go. It turned out really well, she wants more for a gift for a friend. I also made some pet spray for my dogs using just .5% essential oils, I did an anti-flea and a sensitive skin one. The whole family is using my products :) Thank you for putting me on to mineral makeup, I think it is something I want to pursue." Amelia

"I received my last test and lesson today, thank you. I hope to get it done over the weekend. It is always exciting when the new lesson arrives, to see what yummy things I will be making and new recipes! I am getting my products together, packaging etc, it is the little things that always take more time than expected. I have named my business, it is all falling into place, now all I have to do is sell some products!" Rose

" I have been so busy madly making products so I could sell at my first market on the weekend. It went well, I was pleased with the response. I sold a few hand creams, some face moisturisers and cleansers, some mossie spray I made up - the area I was selling at is renowned for it's mossies- and I also sold a bronzer. There are so many more products I want to make for the next one. My website is up but I haven't put in many products yet."Julie

" Hi Marlene. How are you? My husband and I have been using my products and really love the face wash and body wash I have prepared. I also made a face toner for my step sons blemished face. Again thank you, I am enjoying every moment of my lessons. We really have seen the big difference by just a few days of using these products". Liza

"Hi Marlene, How are you? I attended your mineral workshop yesterday at the Eastern Suburbs college. I would like to say thank-you and that I enjoyed the class. I learnt so much out of your class to the extent where i believe it somehow changed my life. I now think very differently of the commercial products we see in the shops. In fact, I feel outraged that they can be so unethical and disgusted that all those years I have been putting harmful chemicals on my skin. I am glad I attended your class. Only wished that I knew about it earlier. I look forward to your upcoming workshops in areas of skin care and other beauty. I'm just so impressed by your class I decided to try your e-books. Thanks and Regards,"  Catherine

 Many, Many thanks! Marlene, you have inspired me! I was jobless, bored & didn't have any  passionate interests outside of my family and after discovering your course and coming to Australia, I am now making all my own makeup and skincare, I have just loved it all, and have gone on to now make my own household cleaners, deodorants, shampoos & aromatherapy bath salts, etc, and am about to make melt & pour soaps & my own perfumes, I am learning all I can about essential oils at the moment, and I feel consumed and passionate with my new interests and I really feel that I have you to thank for this :) I really don't care if this never turns into a business for me as I'm having far too much fun! But we will see what the future holds. Warm Regards - Janet



  The planet needs more greenies!  

Save the planet, keep the planet clean

Save your health, not using harsh chemicals

Save your skin,

Save your money,

 Make your own!        


Happy Natural Make Up and Skin Care Making!

Marlene Daniels 




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